Request Service

For emergency service requests, please call our 24-hour service number:

(410) 879-1060  

Your phone call will be answered anytime, day or night, and the information will be promptly passed along to the service team.

If you are unsure if your issue is considered urgent, please refer to our Service Request Guidelines page.

Online Service Request Form

For routine service work in your apartment or community, please use the online Service Request form. Your service request will be forwarded to your community's service team for completion.

You can expect that we will address any routine items within 24 hours after this online form is submitted.

Exceptions may occur if we need to order parts, or if something is happening at our community that requires our immediate attention, including weather conditions, utility emergencies, etc. We will do our best to communicate the status to you.

Appliance Guides

Having trouble with an appliance? Our appliance guides are designed to help you troubleshoot maintenance problems. Check them out here. You may be able to correct your issue without having to submit a service call.